A 2D musical keyboard + synthesizer for Android & iOS

ScreenSynth is a 2D keyboard for fingerboards/fretboards for playing music. You can connect to a MIDI synth app/device or use the app's internal DX7 synthesizer for sound output.

The app makes it possible to perform more complex chordal (and solo!) music on a tablet or mobile phone.

Check out the videos & screenshots of the app below.

There is a full list of features here, and some extra reasons about why it was developed here.

Full version

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Free version

You can't add extra SYX or MIDI files of your own in the free version, and MIDI output is time-limited.
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Jingle bells

Demo of the "Learn to play" mode

Playing Beethoven's Fur Elise on a 5" phone!


Features List

Check all these out in the free app

Configurable 2D note layouts based on fretboard/fingerboard instruments (e.g. guitar/bass/violin).

Touch force sensitive, for piano-like control over the volume of each note played.

Drag your finger over the screen to create vibrato or bend/gliss sounds between any pair of notes.

Connect to other synthesizers (apps or devices) using MIDI output.

Uses a low latency emulator for the DX7 line of synthesizers to produce a wide range of sounds.

Your own DX7 6-operator FM patches (.SYX files) can be loaded and used so you can add more instrument sounds.

Can show you how to play songs by highlighting sequences of notes that should be played.

Can import your own songs (.MIDI files) that you can then learn how to play.

No ads or data harvesting!


Fretboard instruments (guitars, basses, violins, cellos etc etc) are cool.

Every scale or chord shape you learn can be repeated in any key all over the fretboard - great!

Extend the range of the instrument onto extra strings and you can cover the same range as e.g. a piano.

But you can't drive a MIDI synth without weird MIDI pickups or looking a bit dorky.

And what about playing huge 10 note chords with multiple stacked triads or closely packed semitones? (Warning: these chords may not be appropriate in any musical context).

Those chords are tough when you can only play one note per string.

ScreenSynth was designed to solve these problems.


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